ATTN: Rude Instagram Commenter

September 20, 2016

Last week, both my Instragram accounts (@jenndpelaez and @jennevershootsfilm) were flooded with racial slurs and below the belt insults. One of the many things said was for me to stop doing photowalks because I'm a brown monkey maid from a shithole country. Now, I wanted my blog to contain cheerful posts as much as possible, but I felt the need to address this.

First of all, monkeys are intelligent animals. I won't go into detail because this can be Googled easily.

Second, I love being brown-skinned, and even wrote about it here. So, no. Not an insult at the very least.

Third, I sometimes think my country is a shithole too, especially now when I think it's in its darkest timeline. However, I will forever LOVE that shithole, regardless.

Fourth, I'm not working here as a maid, and if I was, what's wrong with that? Filipino maids working here contribute a portion to the Philippines' GDP via remittances. Their job is decent as far as I'm concerned, and there is no shame to be had on my side for getting compared to one.

Finally, if you go back on my blog and/or my Instagram accounts to harass me some more, I want you to know that I have traced your IP address last weekend, and will not hesitate to bring that information to the authorities.

Play nice!
xx Jen

PS I bought the camera with my own money, thank you very much! I'm actually doing well, but would not mind if anyone wants to give me anything. Sabi nga 'di ba, the best things in life are free. 

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