The Highs And Lows of Auditioning for Reality TV

August 27, 2016

HIGH: "Let's meet in Hong Kong to do our audition video? It will be fun! Even if we don't make it, we will at least have Disneyland!"

LOW: "We went to the trouble of meeting here in HK to do this. The race always casts celebrities for Philippine teams. We won't stand a chance!"

HIGH: Got a callback less than 12 hours after submitting the audition video. "%*@^&#(#^$o!!! Do we really have a chance??"

LOW: They haven't responded. "Did we get cut?"

HIGH: "OMG we got an interview with the casting producer!!!"

LOW: It was a requirement to be together while doing it. I'm in Singapore, Tonix was in Europe.


LOW: "Tonix, I couldn't get on my flight. *crying like a baby in Changi Airport*"

HIGH: "Oh wow, they'd interview us apart! They must have liked our profile!"

LOW: "I feel like we bombed that interview."

HIGH: "No, we didn't. I think it went well!"

LOW: "Are we not interesting enough? Are we not ~*internet famous*~ enough? Maybe we should have used the littlest of TV air time we have under our belts." (Tonix and I were both on AXN's Cash Cab Philippines. Here's a behind the scene story.)

HIGH: Former racer saying, "WOW! YOU GOT THAT FAR??? There's still time. Maybe there's still a chance."

No, we didn't get in the show. But we enjoyed the heck out of creating the audition video, and sige na nga, the overall rollercoaster ride of emotions felt... amazing. *winks*

Without further adieu, here is our audition video for The Amazing Race Asia Season 5. Up to this day, we still smile rewatching this, and we hope to get a few smiles from you too!

Key takeaway from this experience: "Damn, bakit kasi hindi tayo artista?" (Haha joke lang! We love our life!)

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