Promo Code Wars: UberPool vs GrabHitch

July 22, 2016

I woke up this morning with an app notification from Uber. The message contained a promo code they just launched today. It said, "Ride anywhere on POOL for $5 today, 7am-10pm!" Anywhere... as in Singapore, island-wide. Tempting, right? 

My client office is all the way in Jurong East (geographically located at the West) and I live in the northern-central part, so this was a promo code I was glad to have seen. Not even a question, I booked it. 

The response time was great. It took less than 2 minutes to book one, and it took the driver less than 4 minutes to arrive. He chose not to accept other UberPool-ers because the requests were out of way. And unlike the reports I've been reading from other users, my UberPool driver took the expressway for a faster trip. 

Now that I think of it, his expressway toll fee was almost equal to what I have been charged for the ride.

Details: Can only be used on Fridays, 7AM to 10PM
Travel time: 20 minutes (usually 70 minutes when commuting)
Would Book Again? Yes


Not even 6 hours have past when I saw a new email just came in. It was from Grab and the email subject read, "It’s Free Hitch Friday! Get 2 FREE Hitch rides this Friday only!" What a time to be alive! Right? 


I tried booking one on the way back home, and the promo code did work. The only thing I had a problem with was that during booking, it was connecting me to the Facebook API to authenticate my account. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't connect since I'm currently on my routine *Facebook detox. 

This sounded like the better offer among the two (Read: FREE is better than $5), but historically, the response time I had with GrabHitch was bad. If I wanted to hitch a ride at 8AM, I had to pre-book my ride a day before as there seems to be few people who go in my direction.

Among all the times I tried this, I had one good experience with a ride that was close enough to my route. The driver, me and another passenger sharing the ride developed a system until we decided to take it off the app, and just pay the driver directly.

Details: Can only be used this Friday, July 22, 2016
Would Book? Yes, if they continue the promo code next Friday. Also so I can write a proper mini-review for this particular GrabHitch promo code

*I take some time off Facebook when I'm in a critical point of a work project. That, and I really didn't want to keep on reading on my feed about the many extra judicial killings happening back home, and the rejoicing of people to the #KimExposedTaylorParty, which I thought to be an-almost cyber-bullying bandwagon. 

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