Hong Kong on Film: The 2-Hour Tram Adventure

July 03, 2016

Below are some film photos shot using my Pentax Spotmatic and Fujifilm Superia 400 from my recent (second) trip to Hong Kong.

Tram along Hennessy Road

The tram system of Hong Kong has been in existence for 110 years now. Undeniably, this is still the cheapest way to move around in the city for only HKD 2.30 per ride, regardless of how far you go. Check out the routes and discounted fares here.

Kriz and I had a couple of hours to spare before meeting up with our friends for indie film night so we opted to see the city from a different angle. It was our first time and we both didn't know how to read the routes so we just decided to try to get to Central first. (Operative word: try) We literally hopped on the first tram we saw that had a stop close to the Central area based on Google Maps.

Of course, we messed that up. We rode the tram going to the opposite direction and instead of commercial buildings and a lot of people on the streets, it was suddenly replaced by trees and warehouse-looking structures.
View from double-decker tram

We still had enough time so we decided to just hop off and ride one again back to Causeway Bay area. Based from the tram routes, we were supposed to switch trams somewhere near where we initially started.

Eventually, we reached the area where we can switch trams. We switched. Then after a few stops, lo and behold, the tram took a sharp left turn. Haha! Yup. We rode the wrong tram. Again.

Still brimming with hope, I thought maybe it would circle around and bring us closer to where we wanted to go, but no we were not that lucky. I could see on the GPS that we were slowly going further inland and it was getting late. We decided to get down and because we didn't want to keep our friends waiting, we made a decision to just take a cab to Sheung Wan MTR station.

If we were on the Amazing Race, we would have monumentally lost that leg. It was funny for me while it was happening, but it is a lot funnier now that I'm looking back into it. And instead of saving on the commute, we ended up spending a lot more with the cab. The good news is, we got to the meeting place earlier than Chel and Greg.

Okay, story time is over! Now, I'll just casually end this post with more photos from our tram adventure.

First foodpanda sighting
Kriz | krizplata.com | instagram.com/krizplata
Commuter Chic Kunwari. In case you didn't find about my blog thru Instagram,
you can follow me at instagram.com/jenndpelaez
Fake Versailles. Because our other friend, Kev was at the real Versailles just a while back.
Captured on film while capturing on film. View the Instagram counterpart of this photo here
Another tram POV
Honest captions. There's nothing to see outside but I wanted to show the back part of my dress.
The lovebirds Chel (heyitschel.com) and Greg. These two were kind enough to invite us for indie film night. 
Second foodpanda sighting. It's THE foodpanda. 

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