Weekend Trip to Georgia

June 19, 2016

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This was my actual itinerary this past weekend. I was so ready to take it on-- to remotely work in-flight, sleep in Ataturk airport and stay at the surf hostel in Batumi. Spoiler alert: I had visa issues at the airport check-in counter. It didn't happen.

My Crazy Actual Itinerary

  • Leave on Friday night
  • 7-hr flight
  • Layover in Abu Dhabi
  • 5-hr flight
  • Layover in Istanbul
  • 2-hr flight
  • One day in Georgia
  • Return on Monday

I have done a lot of crazy things in my life, but this one was the most spontaneous yet. Most expensive too, but I didn't really care. Something I truly care about being a part of was riding on it, and to me it wasn't even a question. I wanted it so badly.

No, I was not eloping on a romantic quest for love, like someone's guess!

So, takeaways...

1. Even though all the *Google results will tell you Philippine passports can enter Georgia with visa on arrival, if you're coming from Singapore Changi airport, get the E-visa beforehand. As of June 2016, Changi Airport check-in counter personnel will not let you fly without it.

*This was the funny/tricky bit. Even our gov.ph website says Philippine passport can enter and get visa on arrival. Here are all the other search results. They all won't matter because if you go directly to the Georgia website, lo and behold, it will say Philippine passports do need a visa beforehand.

2. My level of spontaneity just got higher, all because I have a little bit more money now. 

3. Not being able to take this flight meant I can do a much longer trip. It's just like I pre-paid for round trip tickets. Silver lining. K na rin! 

4. My go-bag is one backpack already filled with everything I'll need, save for clothes, for a few days, one week max. I'll just put clothes in and I'm ready to go. All in all prep before going to the airport takes under an hour. That already includes a quick shower. 

5. I still hate taking a shower.

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