April and the Three Weddings

May 22, 2016

Okay, I'm taking it all back. I was just emotionally and physically drained when I wrote the entire last post. It was the first time I haven't slept on an SG-MNL flight and so many things were going through my head. It's now the month of May and whenever I would look through all of my film photos from last month, I keep on saying it was worth it.
(Note: All photos in this post were shot using Pentax Spotmatic and Kodak films)

Wedding Weekend #1

Film used: Expired Kodak Gold 200 (exp. 2012)
Location: Mount Faber, Singapore
Wedding type: Civil

I was invited to be a witness for my friend's solemnization, also more commonly known as a civil wedding. It's my first time to attend one here in Singapore so I didn't know what to expect. The invitation said Mount Faber Park, and I thought the wedding will be held there--at Mount Faber Park. Then, our small party got called up and led to the cable cars. It was a cable car wedding, I couldn't believe it!

I have ridden the Mount Faber - Sentosa cable car loop multiple times and it has never failed to take my breath away. Something about letting go and entrusting cables to suspend me over the beautiful cityscape, luscious greenery and the majestic sea, all at once, that tugs at the heartstrings. Hearing the ceremony of the solemnization and my friends' vows on top of it made it more difficult not to tear up.

Short and sweet, it was.

Wedding Weekend #2

Film used: Kodak Ultramax 400 in really low lighting
Location: Sanctuario de San Jose Parish, San Juan, Metro Manila
Wedding type: Church

It's what you would call a traditional wedding. It's what most girls I know wanted since they were a kid. This one was well-planned, that much I could say. I got the wedding invite almost a year ago, and made sure I booked flight plans. (I booked this flight via Skyscanner two weeks before the wedding. Not ideal to wait that long, but still got it for a good price.)

Straight from the airport from my Palawan side trip, I went to get my hair and makeup done and arrived at the church just in time to see the bridal car pull over. Seeing Jhuna walk down the aisle after the big wooden church doors opened, I was in awe. I was trying to take a photo but I had to bring my camera down and just tear up joyously while she walked in her gorgeous white gown.

The wedding, the pre-reception cocktails, and the reception was very elegant and well-coordinated. I loved hearing personal stories from the father of the bride. (Read: I applaud Tito Jun's memory!) And of course, how the love story started as told by the former colleagues of both bride and groom.

I really wish I stayed until the fun after-party, but I had to rush to the airport to catch my flight out of Manila. (Yes, I was that girl running in heels through airport check-in and Immigrations, still in my blue gown.)

Wedding Weekend #3

Film used: Kodak Ultramax 400
Location: Rosemont Gardens, Tagaytay, Batangas
Wedding type: Garden

For this weekend, I took a Friday flight out of Singapore, did my makeup on the plane, then went straight to a concert with my friends. (I got tired just typing that! Also, thanks again for the best fare rates, Skyscanner!)

Only a few hours of sleep later, we all met up again to carpool to Tagaytay. Like any other barkada road trips, we were singing and jiving to all the songs during that 1-hour road trip, stopped for Jollibee, got a little bit lost, thanks to Waze. The day was already so much fun to begin with, but lo and behold, when we got to the venue of the wedding/reception--It was a villa nested at the side of the mountain, overlooking Taal lake and volcano.

It had a very charming atmosphere, and smelled a lot like love. (I don't know how love smells like, but I think it smells somewhat like that.) It's a very intimate gathering of family and friends to the point where we even questioned our level of friendship with Tep.

"Uy nakaka-touch na na-invite tayo dito!"

Just thinking about the whole processional march to the after-party, I'm still kinikilig for Tep. It's what she proudly calls their DIY wedding, and for us it was really well executed. From the chalkboard notes that the kids brought into the procession, to the wedding programme... Everything up to the song choices were very Tep!

During the after-party, some glasses of wine and beer after, All Night was played. We all ran up to Tep, went on a group hug, and jumped up and down until the song ended. Easily one of those things you can say "one for the books!"

I laughed-cried during the ceremony so I'd go as far as saying this is my favorite wedding to date.

On top of it all, I flew to Hong Kong right after Tagaytay, but that's a post for another day. The most important takeaway from all of this? Ladies and gents, I pigged out at three receptions! Obviously, I have very deep-rooted, valid priorities in life!

More Photos From All Three Weddings

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