Facebook Messenger Basketball Anonymous

March 28, 2016

It's midnight and I have been trying to beat this high score for the second night in a row. For the second time, I have nearly reached it.  And for the second time, I have failed. 

I applaud Facebook for this move. It's pretty ballsy (pun!) considering a chunk of their users have disavowed Facebook Games altogether. Most people in my network have already stopped sending Candy Crush requests (thank goodness!) or have blocked anything Games-related completely.

This game is very simple in nature and has a UI graphics that anyone with Microsoft Paint can probably duplicate. In some levels, I like comparing it with Flappy Bird, but on a wider player scale, because who doesn't use Facebook Messenger these days? Messenger took advantage of what's already there--group chats, and leveraged friendly competition by having a top scorer to beat. But the best part of it does not lie against pitting friends against friends. In my opinion, it is competing against yourself that makes this game so addictive. 

So much that people in our group chat were no longer talking that much because everyone's busy getting a new Best Score; So much that even on the shortest of breaks from work, this will be the first thing I would do; So much that without this train of thought that I just had to jot down, I wouldn't have stopped playing until much later.

Although like every other fad, this is not going to last forever. There will be a time when the new High Score has been set way above the curve that everyone else will get lazy and/or tired to play again. Or a new addictive game will come into play, perhaps. But for now, I really, really hope I can get back to sleeping regularly again. I really, really hope I can top Allen's high score. For a short time, I would just like to feel that rush you feel when winning. 


Isn't this why they call it "High" Score? 

No? Okay.

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