October 11, 2015

Have you ever met someone who eats pork but does not like bacon? Because I haven't. If I did, I'd probably hate this person and we'd never be friends.

During one of my solo photowalk trips to Little India, I stumbled upon this hip concept restaurant called OMB! (Oh My Bacon!) that mainly offers bacon-infused food, drinks and dessert. This is probably the most number of times I have read the word 'bacon' on a menu. The entire time, I was like a wide-eyed kid in a candy store!

Would you look at the 'specials' board! This is not even half of what's on the menu.

Every nook and cranny has bacon puns and it's a very delightful thing! There's also this wall above a long bench that just begs to be used as a backdrop for a photo op with friends.

Bonus: The messages are pretty inspiring, too. PASSION IS BACON? TRUTH! 

I wasn't really hungry but I figured I'd probably have to order something since I already took so many phone camera photos of the interior. I chose something quite safe for a bacon dish--bacon carbonara. The menu said it used eggs like how it's supposed to be done, not cream.

Was it good? Yes. But it's not something I'd gush about. It's also something I can whip up in our kitchen. When I go back here with friends (because I want a group photo on that bench too!), I would most likely not order this again. The drinks were pricey so I opted for the lemon water you can get for free in front of the counter. (This is a self-service restaurant, by the way. If you order or want something, you should approach the counter.)

And as for the puns I mentioned above, this wall is a good example.

I don't have a photo, but the takeaway containers have "bring home the bacon" stickers. So cute!


Contact Info
+65 6635 2633

7 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209337

Nearest MRT: Little India and Bugis

Opening Hours
Tue-Fri: 12PM-10PM
Sat-Sun: 10AM-10PM
Mondays: Closed

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