Delikado sa Diguisit

October 12, 2015

Add three girls, three smartphones, and one camera, and what do you get? An impromptu photoshoot on a rocky beach!

Warning: Some photos of bikini-clad girls ahead!

The title was coined during that trip. We haven't even arrived at the location and I have already lightly crashed the motorbike I was driving. Delikado? How's that for starters?

I have been to Diguisit once, and I remember the lagoon being filled with clear seawater. These days, the lagoon is dry but it's still charming all the same. Kira, Alex and I walked to the rock formations at the far left of the swimming pool and started the photo op from there.

I was supposed to go to Baler alone, but then I saw Kira's post on Instagram that she'll be in Baler during those same dates. I asked who she's going with and if she's willing to let me tag along, all in one private message. Haha feeling close ako eh! Fortunately, she said yes.

Kira is a dog lover, a financial consultant for AXA and a notable beauty blogger. I say notable, because I can only tolerate reading a few of these blogs, and that include hers. I must admit the topic of beauty and fashion blogs gets nakakaumay for me. Albeit most likely, it's because I can't afford to spend my hard-earned money on products and clothes. (Read: I am also very lazy)

I have only hung out with her twice before this Baler trip. The first was a surfing trip to La Union and the second one was the target shooting lessons in Quezon City, both arranged by our blogger friend, Aldous. Are you seeing the trend here? Every meeting we had was so extreme. How are we ever gonna top this, Kira? Shall we skydive or something, next?

I first met Alex, Kira's friend and surf buddy, inside the Joybus, shortly before our bus left the Cubao bus terminal. I had no chance to talk to her until when we got to The Circle Hostel - Baler early in the morning. It's also when I learned she's a fashion stylist. It was my first time to be introduced to one who does this professionally for a living. Oh, and she blogs, too!

One of the most memorable moments about this trip was me candidly asking...

"Alex, anong ginagawa mo sa pwet mo? Bakit ang laki? Ang ganda eh!"

Yes, I'm a fan! And this happened not even half a day of us meeting each other. Then, like the Tita's that we were, we slept on the daybeds while Kira went back to the rock formations to shoot more photos with Rafa, who arrived an hour later.

Shortly after, we drove back to the hostel and napped some more until it was time to eat dinner and mingle with everyone. Like almost always, I had nothing to contribute to the conversations. I have tried my best to be outgoing the past few years but I am still very much introverted. These girls, on the other hand, were amazing conversationalists. They can easily weave their way in and out of conversations within a big group. I can't do that. How are they able to do that? It exhausts me.

During that two week break in the Philippines, I could have chosen to spend it all with my family and/or friends, but it was important for me to have my me time and try to do something different. Going with two sassy girls on an out of town trip who were practically only acquaintances, now friends, was my something different.

For me, that's the beauty of traveling outside your comfort zone. You meet a lot of new friends. You learn a lot of new things.

P.S I eventually got some quiet time to read my book, while drowning in bean bags and throw pillows. Ahh the good life!
P.P.S Ang dami kong sinabi, pero gusto ko lang naman talaga i-post yung mga photos namin. :D

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