My Week So Far in VSCO's T1

June 07, 2015

It's like a fuzzy dream. Not more than ten days ago, I was still in an isolated island in Palawan, having problems getting urgent requirements sent over the internet. (Read: 3G in the province sucks big time!) I almost thought it won't happen as I kept on facing a LOT of obstacles along the way, every single day. I won't bore you with every detail but I can tell you that it's been a long while since I prayed as much as I have during the past two weeks.

So, here I am now. I think most people still don't know where, or even the fact that I already left Palawan/Manila. Only a handful knew I was leaving, and because it was so all of a sudden too. To give you an idea of how sudden, I was still at Mckinley Hill until 5:30PM last Monday, running around getting my clearance signed because I just got back from Palawan and there was no other day left to do it. My flight was at 9:10PM.

Fast forward to the past week that just happened, here are photos from my phone all filtered using VSCO's T1. 

Why is my polaroid not on that wall yet until now, Gap Year Hostel??
The place I found in the internet wasn't gonna be available until the weekend and I was going to arrive in Singapore at the wee hours so I booked accommodations at the only hostel I stay at whenever I travel to Singapore, the Gap Year Hostel

I slept for a while until I got a call from my employer. I needed to show up in the office as soon as possible. This is when I actually debated if I should take a bath or hurriedly go to the office in whatever I was wearing. I didn't want to show up on my first day of work un-bathed so I showered in record time. 

Around 4PM, my employer asked if I already had lunch. And that's only when I remembered the last time I ate was 5PM the day before when I half-ate the chicken McDo meal my friend, Len, gave me when I was having my clearance signed. "Lau Pa Sat is waiting for you, then!", said my employer.

It's a tradition: Chicken rice is ALWAYS the first and last meal
Then, Santy reached out to me and asked me if I wanted a welcome dinner, to which I wholeheartedly said "Yes!"to. 

Santy's Ma-Yey Treat. Thanks a lot, bud! Wine night soon!
The next day, I had to start going to the client office. It was far from my hostel and I wanted to get there early so (first mistake) I took the taxi and (second mistake) it happened to be one of those luxury taxis. I can't even disclose here how much I spent on it. It is now filed under: stupidity expenses.

In the client office, there's a canteen that sells really inexpensive meals. This is also where I started having two or more viands for every meal. HOW CAN I NOT, WALKING AROUND MADE ME HUNGRY.

Now that I think about it, this is the longest I have gone without Jollibee, or any fast food for that matter. Jollibee was right outside my place in Taguig which is why instead of real food, I prefer just swinging by to grab burger steak. And when I was really hungry, I'd get Chickenjoy, too. This week, it has all been hawker and restaurant food c/o Santy.

One night while riding the bus, I was so busy chatting with my best friends on my phone that I actually missed my bus stop by 3 stops. I was so turned around that I kept going back and forth this part of town. Imagine me carrying a laptop bag with two laptops on one shoulder, and a heavy handbag on another, and all I could see was this football field. What a nightmare!

 I don't ever want to take a taxi again, unless it's an emergency. And because, I had an emergency (real emergency, as in I-can-get-deported-if-I-can't-get-it-together emergency. Uh-huh, it's always an intense and a colorful life for me!) Thankfully, there's a good alternative to taxis, the GrabCar. I went on an booked one. Tip: You can use promo code: GCGSS until the end of July for 3 rides with SGD 5 discount per ride.

GrabCar GCSS c/o Great Singapore Sale. Also, uyyy cutie yang si kuya!
For fun, I will always have my photowalks, trying to capture quirky finds and/or just exploring the wonders of this city. I like how in the middle of the street sidewalk, there were shelves of books that were just there, waiting to be taken home and read by those who cannot afford books.   

What a nice gesture! God bless every one who donated! 

I liked seeing the character of a place I stumble upon on: the grittier, the better.

Serangoon Rd. Goodness, I''m only learning now how to pronounce this.
I also went on coffee and french toast breaks with my employer. She's the coolest Indian mom ever! 

When I finally moved to the North, I was surprised at how the unit itself was big, compared to the other listings I've been seeing online. And since I can't afford the monthly advance and deposit for a solo bedroom, I'm rooming it up with another Pinay, ate Rose.

On my first Sunday, I cancelled a meeting with a family friend because I was still busy getting settled in. As part of my community immersion, I walked to the nearest public library. I saw a squirrel run across me and fell in love with the nature within the city aspect. I also ate Nasi Lemak at the library cafe. THEY HAVE A LIBRARY CAFE. Huhu I want efficient public libraries in the Philippines, too!

My apartment allows cooking and laundry washing any time you want so I went to the nearest Fairprice to buy me some groceries, detergent and a LOT of fruits. Oh yeah, and prawns too! I can't believe the prawns here are less expensive than supermarket prawns in Manila! 

AND that was it. Those were all the I-want-to-Instagram-this-when-I-have-time photos and how my first week here went. I am really excited about all of this. You have no idea!

Visit and say hi?  :)

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  1. A few years ago, I dreamt of working abroad (specifically SG) so I am so excited for your new adventure! :)