Life in Singapore

June 30, 2015

AKA My Week So Far Vol. 2

Hello, world! I am typing this blog post from my new phone (Yup!) while on the bus to work, running late (for the first time here, believe it or not) because I just came from the bank, where I got my very first MasterCard debit card. (What took me so long to get one?!) There's a LOT of "big girl" moments for me this past week-- opening a bank account, queuing for a postpaid mobile account and watching a movie alone while waiting for for my turn, leaving the mall with an iPhone 6 using my savings, and buying my first piece of "furniture" and carrying it all the way home, to name a few--and it's only making me fall in love with this Singapore stint even more.

Now, let me tell you about work. As stated in my sidebar, I'm an IT Consultant, a general term I use in place of SAP ABAP Consultant because the latter's harder to explain in layman's term. I program business systems. I code. I debug business application errors. Basically, I have the same work title like the one I had in the Philippines. I'm under a contractual agency, and got deployed to a company VERY close to my heart. Can you guess which? (Hint: It's the same company I used to work for.)

Work has been great so far. Although here it's much different. Working up to the late hours is a norm. And when you say work, people do not kid around. It's work. Period. BUT I'm not even complaining. Right now, I'm just very grateful to have a job.

Apart from that, it helps a lot to have Filipino teammates who are more than willing to help whenever I encounter work issues. It's just a bonus that they are actually very welcoming too. After work last Friday, they brought me to Jollibee because it was June 12, after all. Then, we went to Clarke Quay for beer and a very fact-filled tour of the bay area. Thank you to my good-looking AND rich teammates for the warm welcome! (#insidejoke, also they read my blog so hiii!)

I have moved the rest of this VERY long post to separate blog posts because you probably won't read it if this whole thing was that long. I know I won't!

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  1. Grabeee I really wanna move to Singapore. I LOVE IT THERE. <3

    Helga |

  2. Tara na dito! Grabe yung efficiency nila sa lahat ng bagay, nakakaiyak!