On Magnum Minis, Yakult and Instagram Withdrawal

February 04, 2015

What do a pack of Yakult and a box of Magnum Mini's have in common? Once you start one, you cannot NOT finish the whole lot! I tried to harness all the self-restraint I can muster. Believe me, I really tried! I was curled up in pain all morning (stomach pains ughh), so maybe that could be enough reason to indulge. No? IDK but my tummy is now very happy.

Up until late last year, I have never tasted a Magnum because I was still firm in my "not jumping on the Magnum bandwagon" stance. Kunwaring non-conformist. Now, I wish to always have boxes of Magnum Mini's in the fridge because life-changing! (I like to exaggerate but you get it)

Coincidentally, I am also on my last bottle of Yakult.


My Instagram Is Dead, Almost 

A month after I lost my phone, I still haven't gone out to buy a new one. Admittedly, not having Instagram within my reach has been hard to get off my system. My close friends offer to lend their phones just so I can have my Instagram fix, which is how I posted those pics above.

If you are my Facebook friend, surely you noticed that I have been publishing photo albums now. I have also started revisiting my archived photowalk photos and planning to post them little by little. My Flickr account is kinda becoming active, too. And then there's this blog... I am actually posting on it now!

And there's my silver lining. It is also very shallow, sure.

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