Art Fair Philippines 2015

February 19, 2015

I only learned about the art fair a week before it opened. Naturally, I quickly forgot about it. Heh. So when my friend asked me to go on the first exhibit day during lunch time, I immediately said yes.

Managed and founded by the Philippine Art Events, Inc. in 2013, the Art Fair Philippines aims to bring the vibrant local art scene to the people and to continue to generate support for our local art practitioners. It was set in the 6th and 7th floor of The Link in Makati, which is actually a parking garage turned into an urban exhibit setting.

Here are some of the photos I took.

This reminded me of Basti, my pup.

It looks creepy and beautiful at the same time. The backstory was that she was trapped
in the Hiroshima bombing, and she found an evening dress that saved her.

This was, apparently, the crowd favorite. "It's on everyone's feed," says a friend.

For some reason, this exhibit made me think about this song.

My favorite, Project Pandora! I don't know if it's really intended to be shown like this (I like to think I discovered it on my own haha jk) but when you enter the room, everything is in black and white. There are no colors or colorful light source. When you take a photo or a video using your phone, it will show that everything is in B&W as it is in real life, BUT WHEN YOU TAKE A PHOTO OR VIDEO USING A DSLR, IT REGISTERS COLOR. I'm pretty sure many SLR-carrying guests saw it too, but that blew my mind. SCIENCE IS AMAZING HUHU.

This could be an edgy detergent ad.

"Pang-Instagram din yan"

Books-themed mixed media exhibit.

I didn't know my hair looked like this from behind.

Please tell me this is Art Oca you are talking about. Lol he's the only Art I know.

There's a lot more of these thought provoking cans. I think this section was my second favorite exhibit.
This was the only time I wanted to buy something.

No, I did not buy anything, but not because I didn't appreciate it but because owning contemporary art isn't a priority at the moment. Overall, I'm guessing the fair did well. During the first day open to the public, many of the pieces were already sold out from the private exhibit the day before.

It was also nice seeing students showing interest and participating on some installations. Social media-wise, I saw a lot of #artfairph posts on my feed. It's pretty safe to say the event was successful. I want to see more of this vibrant energy around the Metro!

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