Today, So Far

May 11, 2014

I got out of bed at 6PM, bought fruits and water beside the nearby Petron station. Before that, I have just been trying not to starve since I woke up at 2PM. It was still hot outside at that time. Thus, finishing this blog post will be the first thing I would have done today that's outside a person's basic needs. Well, this and the rice I cooked as I'm typing this. It's your classic unproductive Jenn day.

Although actually, the main purpose of this post is to rant about how I got stuck in the elevator for three round trips on the way back to our unit. Somehow, our elevator's floor queuing system is fucked up, and I just finally got a grasp of how stupid it is now. 

How did I end up going on three round trips, you ask? So I rode the elevator on the ground floor, pressed our floor button and was delighted to see that everyone in the elevator was only going in two different floors: half of them on the 9th floor and the other half on the 19th floor. I live on a floor higher than both.

It stopped on the 9th floor, and on the 14th floor. Then all of a sudden, the arrow went down. It started going down to 12th floor. Three people supposedly going to the 9th floor alighted. I should have just done the same thing because the elevator got back on the ground floor. Long story short, it went on and on again until three round trips, with the farthest I've gotten was the 14th floor, still. Basically, the elevator queues every elevator press made outside and no matter how "on the way" your floor is, as long as the button outside was pressed first, it will bypass you and the current direction.

On the flip side, I made a lot of friends in our building. I was openly talking to everyone getting inside the elevator about my situation and they were all surprisingly nice. 

"Have a nice trip!", said the cute guy before finally going out into his floor. 

It made my trip a lot easier. 

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