Of Airports and Airplanes

May 24, 2014

I'm currently in love with airports and airplanes and here's why-- they signify the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, be it visiting a new place for the first time, returning to your hometown, going on a soul-searching trip to peaceful locations, accepting the challenge of a business trip even, or facing the odds by moving to a new country. Sure, you can argue that it could also mean the ending of something good but hey, whatever you wanna call it is up to you.

Other than the obvious reasons that both are directly related to traveling, I love airports and airplanes because they are two of the most romantic and sentimental places in the world. Medyo OA, I know! All the more because in the next few seconds you'll eventually see where this is leading.

If you know me, you'd know that I love watching TV shows. I don't have a television at my place but watching torrent-ed TV shows is what eats up my spare time. I don't have a good segue so I'll just do this straight up. To link up the two, here's a list of my favorite scenes from TV shows that took place inside an airport or an airplane.  

Top 3 - TV Series Moments

1. The Office - Pam saying goodbye to Michael Scott
I couldn't find a clip that's embed-able so here's one with Spanish subtitles. Here's a link to a better quality.

2. The Mindy Project - Danny and Mindy's mid-finale KISS
Caps for emphasis because it beat out every other finales at that time.

3. The Mentalist - Patrick Jane finally confesses his love to Lisbon
Finally, Jane. Finally.

I shed a lot of tears for all three scenes as I was watching them the first time to the nth time. I know, these are all fictional characters but like what I said, it's a place for sentiment and romance, and sentiment and romance I did truly feel.

For a scene that's closer to home and reality, here's the JC Intal proposal done in NAIA.

As for my own experiences with the airport and airplanes, here's my list in no particular ranking.

1. NAIA Terminal 3 - Ran around three levels of the airport trying to plead for my friends to be checked in because of a blunder they made. (They arrived more than 2 hours early but no one checked in!) Then ran around some more because it was way past my boarding time.
2. Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) - My mother and I were running towards the boarding gate because the boarding time got pushed up and we weren't paying attention to the public announcement. When we saw our flight on the LCD screen, the gate was already closing. Our mother-daughter bonding always involves beating the clock. Sali kaya kami sa The Amazing Race? #char
3. Mactan-Cebu International Airport - This one's pretty recent. I made the mistake of booking a return flight that's one week from that date. I won't even bother explaining this one because, ugh, stupid. I ended up booking another flight that flies out at a later time and I got to tour Mactan some more.
4. Puerto Princesa City Airport - My last conversation with my parents when they were sending me off to Manila for college.
5. Waking up to turbulent plane rides and then having the relief of having another person to hold.
6. Two guys have cried at the airport because I was leaving. It was pretty sweet.

This year would be the year where I'd get to set foot in the most number of airports in my lifetime, yet. Here's to hoping that I could make new experiences I could add to this list.

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  1. "having the relief of having another person to hold"...