Doctor Pisces Fish Spa

May 12, 2013

I just realized that I have been to this spa three times already and I haven't posted anything about it yet. I'm cutting the introductions since everything you need to know about their fish spa service can be found on their About page. Here's what I do know:


  • Fish spa made me feel weird and ticklish at first. The weirdness doesn't really go away but it sure became relaxing when my feet already got used to the fishes nibbling every kalyo and I have plenty jsyk. Hehe. I used my Groupon when I availed this service. They do have a promo where you can get this service for 50% off during 4pm-7pm, I think that will only cost Php200. 
  • The feet reflexology massage was good.
  • Apart from being a fish spa, they also provide other spa services. This is the spa where I first tried the Ear Candling service. You won't really know how much ear wax your ears have until you try this out. It is inexpensive. It will only cost you Php150 or Php 80 if you avail it as an addon to selected spa services.
  • Their body scrub + massage combo was such a treat. Priced at Php1100, it was mid-priced (not expensive but also not cheap). The kicker here was that it lasted for 2 hours and 45 minutes, the longest I've tried this service as compared to other spas I've gone to. Must be because I went there as the last customer but still, that amount of thoroughness earned plus points to me.
  • As I once said on another spa review I previously made, a good massage is when I could fall asleep during the process. I managed to doze off during the massage so yes, they do give relaxing massages. 


  • Being that the location is not in the highway, they could use more visible signage from the corner of JP Rizal and ML Quezon. It was a good thing that the taxi driver was proficient with the streets so I really did not have an experience getting lost.  
  • ...well that's it. I couldn't really think of other things to add since every time I go there, I come out relaxed.

It's a day after Mothers' Day but according to this promotional material, you may still avail the package for your mothers until May 19! It's such a steal that if my mother was here in Metro Manila, I would've brought her.

Doctor Pisces Fish Spa is the only fish spa located in Makati. I know this kind of service is available in Ocean Park and in big name resorts outside the metro so if you want to try the fish spa with the convenience of not needing to travel, this unique pampering experience is suited for you.

Doctor Pisces Fish Spa
Cartagena Suites, 2602 Bagong Diwa St., J.P. Rizal St., Brgy. Poblacion, 1210 Makati

Disclaimer: I am friends with the owners however, this post is unsolicited and I paid for every service I availed. 

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