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May 04, 2013

After months of wanting to eat at, it finally happened today! I was too engrossed with my food and drink that I couldn't be bothered with taking photos of the place. The place itself is "Instagram photogenic" and the natural lighting was ample that it produced clear camera phone photos.

Since it was just a quick lunch meetup where we could not take our time due to my good friend Jayson's prior appointment, we just ordered four items from the menu.

Seafood Pasta (which exact menu name I forgot since it's Jayson's order); Php 350
I got to try a few bites and it was tasty. I know every product they have are tea-infused, but as for this one, it must be the pasta. We both agreed that it seemed handmade and should there be tea infusion, it must have been done there.

Pork Banh Mi; Php 390
It's like lechon kawali but with a twist. Well not really, they added hot sauce. What sets it apart from your regular lechon kawali, though, is that it was beautifully cooked. It was goodness (and cholesterol) in every bite.

Beer Berry; Php 140
I innocently asked the waitress, "Ate, bakit may shot?" Haha! I was then told that it's the tea/berry concoction. Advertised by the waitress as something for the ladies, it was just good.

Blackened Beer; Php 140
If you know me in real life, you'd know that I stay away from beer because I fear that my abdomen would no longer always be "beach-ready", as some of my friends would say. (chos!) This specific beer made me change the way I see beer. Just looking at it and remembering how it tasted makes me thirst for more. Ladies and gentlemen, I get emotionally attached to my drinks too! Heh.

Total wallet damage: PHP 1111 (more or less) but I must say that it was well spent.
Will I come back? Hell yeah.

The raves were worth listening to. We did experience what others have been ranting about (i.e., slow service) but the food and drinks made up for it. It's a tea place totally different from the mainstream (milk) tea shops that have scattered around the metro. It serves beer and cocktails. might have just become my happy place. Tea Lounge
4th Ave and 26th St G/F Net Lima Building, 1634
+63 2 478 3579

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