Unsung Hero: My HG Eyeliner

March 14, 2013

This is something I've debated with myself if I should post or not. I'm just really too selfish to share the eyeliner brand I've been using for more than two years now. It's my HG eyeliner, as the female girltalkers would say.

When I let someone use it on their eyelids, they always ask for the brand and where I bought it. Also, it stayed intact that it overstayed a MAC longwearing eyeliner that my friend was using. Since I don't have anything else interesting to blog, maybe now's the time to finally let you in on this find. (Chos! For sure naman marami na ring fan nito. Haha!)

Tada! Here it is.

With that build up, I'm sorry if the product itself was underwhelming. It is almost gone, like with my previous Prestige Total Intensity eyeliners, it will serve me until I can no longer sharpen it. As you can see in this photo, the cap (which I'm holding from the bottom but had to crop out my dirty nails from the shot) is already longer than the eyeliner itself. This is how much I love this eyeliner!

It's not that I'm worried about getting my money's worth because the best thing about this eyeliner is that it's INEXPENSIVE. Php 315 for an eyeliner that can outwear an expensive brand? Hah, take that MAC!

As for the finish, I always get the "Are you wearing a gel liner?" questions because the finish somehow resembles that of a gel liner. It also glides well on the lids.

Basically, it's everything I can ask for an eyeliner. And now that I've even also convinced myself of Prestige's performance, maybe I'll try their other products too.

Where to buy: Beauty Bar, Php 315
Will I buy again: YESSS!

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