Everyone has a right to feel good about themselves

March 22, 2012

The lightest I've been, on record, was 37kg (81.57lbs). That was back in 2nd year high school. I remember having a 19-in waistline for some time.

Around 3rd year college, I was skinnier (like bony-thin) then than now. So now's actually a huge improvement. Didn't get to weigh myself back then so I'll never know the figure. Although surely, we can just assume it's less than 94lbs.

I've actually been trying to eat more, more than how much I've been eating everyday, yet careful as to not make my tummy get wider than it is already. I've been TRYING to stay away from rice at night, but always gets betrayed by my cravings. 

I am aware that having extra inches around the waist is not death itself. But seriously people, I am NOT getting delusions that I am fat. I just acknowledge the fact that every woman in our family has become, let's just say, a little heavier than they would have wanted, especially after having children. 

I'm trying to sway away from that and the warning I have always heard since I was a child. "Tataba ka rin pagtanda mo!"

And if these precautionary measures won't even help, at least I'll have photos to remind myself about the time I was able to wear two-piece bikinis and feel really good about myself.
I know I don't have to defend myself. It just annoys me to hear some people repeatedly say I'm too thin already to be health-conscious. *Also, tell me those things when you're not as fat as you are now.

Mean girl, I know. But I won't tell them in their faces "Wow! You've put on a lot of weight, dearie." Just like I wouldn't want to be repeatedly told I'm skinny, and make it sound like it's the worst thing that happened to me.  

FYI the word diet has other meanings. (Read: dietary needs)

*No particular person in mind, but just generalized. Most, if not all, were skinny people who gained weight. No skinny girl has been that keen on making the word "skinny" like a put-down. 

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