Spanish Peel Chronicling Fail

February 10, 2012

I originally planned on taking daily photos to document the progress of the Spanish Peel on me. I was really excited, (obviously a first-timer haha!) but as the days passed, it dawned on me how ugly I look, or my skin looked, rather. I could not bear having the daily process being seen by people.

Just to give you an idea, around Day 3, my face started looking like it was being lifted from the other layer beneath. I looked old and wrinkly.

Day 2. "Wrinkles" started appearing 
For reference, here is a picture of me on Day 2. Skin starting to wrinkle (Is there any other term? It's getting a little overused. Haha. )

And since I don't have any more photos to share, I'll just give tips for those interested in getting it done.

  1. Your skin will get dry ang flaky. More so when the wrinkled skin starts to peel off. Use moisturizer if you don't want your face to be an oil mine.
  2. As tempting as it is, do not peel off the dry skin. It might have not fully dried up, leaving you a scar.
  3. Put a lot of sunscreen. Whether you're going out or at home. 
  4. Just so you know, your face will have dark patches.
And because the next one will not be in 1-2 sentences, I separated it from the rest.

Makeup: For sure, it's better to leave your skin breathing while in the peeling process but if you really REALLY need to be somewhere and look a little more presentable, try what I did.

  1. After washing my face, I hurriedly applied sunscreen, while my skin was still moist. You see, when that wash's moist dries up, your skin will also be instantly dry and flaky, that is why you have to act fast.
  2. Then, I mixed 2 parts moisturizer and 1 part liquid foundation  (make sure it's non-comedogenic). That way, I will still have the coverage I want and the moisture that I need.
  3. Set with any loose powder. 
It was good enough for me, even with my skin still peeling off. I did not made an effort to conceal the dark patches though. Last time I tried, I had no luck.

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