Everybody Loves Buffets: Manila Pavilion's Seasons

February 21, 2012

Aren't you hungry yet? Those crabs make me crave for more.
They say the best things in life are free but if it's not free, the second best would always be that they are unlimited and/or free-flowing. Wouldn't you agree? And on top of that, it being on 50% discount.

Manila Pavilion Hotel has several restaurants, one of their more popular ones is Seasons providing lunch and dinner buffets. Among those restaurants, I have observed that this was the one that drove in people traffic the most. People from their casino, hotel guests and even people in pambahay came to feast to their international food selection.

How we got there
I went here with the boyfriend and since we both don't have our own cars, we had to commute. Seeing on Google Maps that it is only along Taft Avenue, we decided to just ride the LRT. Boy, that map was so wrong. Coming from the EDSA-Taft, we had to cross the street and walk until we reached Manila Pavilion. It was pretty far but still in walking distance so taking a cab would from LRT would've been wasting money. It was not on the same side of the road as stated on the map. We passed Manila Doctor's Hospital (I think) and couple buildings later, we saw the hotel with different colored lights on the facade.

Inside the hotel
We asked the guard to point us to Seasosns. Yep, this is when I learned that there were many restaurants. Upon seeing the maitre d', she seated us to the reserved section for Ensogo members who got the deal at 50% off. It was on the farthest side from the food stations but who cares, a few steps didn't hurt.

This was the first buffet dinner that I paid by myself. Shelling out hard-earned cash for a dinner worth more than a thousand bucks does not come very often so of course, I had to make it worthwhile. 

Plenty of photos after the jump.

Buffets can be overwhelming sometimes, but if you're like us, we went to the buffet line with favorite dishes in mind. I loaded a plate with crabs because I've been craving for it, also because it's not every day I could eat them. As for the roast lamb, it was not a hit with us. I'm really not up to meat that's still bloody red in color.

Verdict: The food was okay, nothing exceptional but was worth our money.    

Will I go back? I think not, just because it was too far from our location. 

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