Seaside Dampa: Julie's Ihaw-Ihaw

May 24, 2011

I've been craving for crabs for almost two months. Friends left and right have promised to accompany me in restaurants that serve them but all these have been postponed. So when my boyfriend asked me to watch Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides in the IMAX theater in Mall of Asia, I had that glimmer of hope that I'll finally be able to eat steamed crabs.

We were there by 6pm and got tickets to see the last full show. Since the movie wasn't due to start in 6 hours, we had plenty of time to watch the sunset and then go to Seaside Dampa for dinner. We went scouting for the best prices, asking for crab prices resto by resto. There was one who offered a 20% discount to be slashed off from the paluto price but even with the discount, the total of the paluto and the crabs' market price were still steep. After a round of asking prices, we decided to eat at Julie's.

Our selection was pretty simple, I wanted crabs and he wanted Sinigang na Hipon so we ordered half-kilo of both. 
These? All mine

Included Xy to show how big the bowl is
Ensaladang Mangga
Rice good for 5 people
We shared the sinigang and we still got to take home half of what we ate. He let me eat the crabs all by myself but because I'm a good girlfriend, I gave him two claws. Tee hee!

Things you might wanna know:
-The smoking area could be too noisy as there are bands that play at night. For a dinner for two, it's best to eat indoors where you can actually hear one another.
-Being friendly will take you places, er give you discounts rather. We got 10% off the paluto charge.
1/2k of crabs + paluto (P380)
1/2k of sinigang na hipon + paluto (P360)
Ensaladang mangga (P100)
Big bowl of rice (P100)
Coke in can (P40)
Iced tea (P40)
Total: P1020  

Note: Sorry for the crappy photo quality. I forgot to bring my camera.

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