[REVIEW] The wonder that is called the concealer

May 24, 2011

I have never been a concealer person. I used to think that my undereye area is fine as it is but alas, the sleepless nights has taken its toll on me. I now have what they call dark circles. So to counter that, on a whim I bought the inexpensive but raved Fanny Serrano stick concealer. But because of my self-proclaimed busy-ness, I always neglect to use it.

Actual photos to follow. Shade: Cashew (for undereye area)

Yesterday, I was getting late for work and I accidentally got the concealer from my makeup kit. This is the first time I have opened it by the way. Since it's already open, I just gently patted it on my undereye area (Read: pat not smudge) and set it with my compact powder. The result was wonderful. I even hurriedly texted my boyfriend and the short convo went like this.
Jen: I feel pretty today
Him: Everyday bhe
Of course, he's just being sweet.

Things you might wanna know:
-Price: 350 pesos (Market! Market!); I heard it's cheaper to buy from Natasha dealers (less than 300) but I don't know a dealer who is accessible.
-Lasting power: I have a very oily face but I must say that it didn't wear off until I had to remove it using my makeup remover.
-It's only my 2nd day using it. If there will be harsh skin reactions, as I do have sensitive skin, I shall report as soon as possible.

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