Usapang makeup: Basics

January 17, 2011

I don't really put on makeup everyday, especially now that my derma is prohibiting me, with the exception on everything Clinique and mineral makeup, which he allows.

Mineral Makeup
To those who have not used mineral makeup, it does wonders on sensitive skin. On the other side, it is a hassle to bring everywhere since normally, the foundation, blushes, and eye pigments are contained in small pots. As an additional weight to your vanity kit, you'll also have to bring separate brushes for each of them. These reasons added to my laziness in the morning would just not do so I...

...put on my Clinique pressed powder after putting on sunblock and moisturizer. This pressed powder is the only Clinique product I allow myself to buy for obvious reasons-- the price. One of these days, I will eventually give in and maybe invest on other things but I will do it piece by piece because hey, I still need to eat too!

This is starting to become a necessity. I own a brown Revlon Colorstay eyeliner and it's starting to deplete so I will buy another one, this time I will also grab the black one. It is retractable so there's no need to sharpen, also it is very soft and creamy. Apart from these, I also have my E.L.F eyeliners which are good but not for a long wear. I'm thinking of getting a gel liner for my upper lids (Maybelline, maybe), though, as I am finding it hard to apply pencil liners thinly on my upper lids.

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