Open Letter to Globe Telecoms

January 18, 2011

I have been so psyched to find out that I will be having an iPhone 4, someone really generous will be the one to pay the cash-out for my Globe iPhone 4 Plan. It was supposed to be an early Christmas gift.

We rushed to the Globe Telecoms Tower to order two phones last December 7, 2010. We were told that we would have to wait for TWO WEEKS before we get our phone. We filled out forms, passed the requirements and signed under the signatories.

The second month of waiting is now looming and with no updates from Globe, I went to a Globe Service Center last week to ask if they have available stocks. They told me that the last one they released was for a customer who applied last October. If that's the case then, that would mean an additional two months for our phones to arrive.

If that's the case, Globe should not be telling customers the promised two-week span, it creates false expectations. If there is so much demand for an iPhone 4, shouldn't they order more from Apple? If there are more upcoming customers and they cannot deliver the promised goods, shouldn't they stop advertising and put down their iPhone 4 billboards instead?

And another thing, in a perfect world, there would be a publicly visible waiting list for customers to be given the gist of the patience they have to extend. I've seen people blogging about their new iPhone 4 when they only ordered at the same time as we did. I know we live in a less than perfect world, it's just frustrating that some people are being given a different treatment when we all are capable of paying.

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