Are We Beating the Street Yet?

November 07, 2022

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but there is a referral link in this post that would let me earn a little amount through sign-up credits. 

In the spirit of diversifying my investment portfolio and adding an extra stream of passive income, I found out about this auto-trading app called Streetbeat through one of the finance subreddits at Reddit.

Exactly 3 months ago, I tested Streetbeat's Flagship Stocks Strategy. Before I wrote about it, I wanted to wait a little bit to see how it works and if it does what it says it does. It claims to put the same data-powered algorithmic trades that Wall Street is able to do for their bigwig clients into the hands of common retail investors like you and me.

My initial investment was $1,000

The Good

After 3 months of trying Streetbeat, my $1,000 has grown into $1,064.66. It's not a lot but it's also not zero. The best part is that the gains are also automatically reinvestment and that means there will be compounding of interest.

What I like about Streetbeat is that I don’t need to lift a finger to do the trades. It automatically buys and sells the stock positions for me depending on market signals. It’s a true passive income generator, which is something that’s always good for someone like me with a full-time job.

Historically, from January 2, 2019 (when the app was launched) to-date (November 7, 2022), Streetbeat's performance is at +157.15% while the S&P 500 only did +60.06% in the same timeframe. So historically, yes, this app did beat the market during that duration. Alas, I only signed up in August of 2022.

The Not So Good

As you can see on the 3-Month Movement, I gained $ very quickly but then lost all the gains immediately during the time when the interest hikes were announced. Since the auto-trades are based from market signals, they are very much affected by the macroeconomics and global trade.

Some days can have as many as 14 trades. And some days have zero trades

6% return within 3 months is not the best but it’s really not bad at all. 

All that said, I won’t be topping up my investment in the near future for now because I have other investment vehicles I’m prioritising to allocate funds.

If you’re in a country where this app is allowed to run like the US, do consider signing up using my referral code so we can both earn $25 🥹 (hey $25 is $25!)

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For added context on how the trades look like, I'm adding the October performance chart. Noticeably, it has been a green month. I find it interesting that these trades are usually $200 tops in total for a day, meaning my invested $1000 is not being traded every day. I guess this makes sense and ensures that the investment risk is not as high. (Read: If it happens to be a day of losses, I won't lose 1.77% of my total investment, if we are to use Oct 19 as an example)

Introducing a new way to conclude this type of post by putting a Passive Income Score (out of 7) and an overall Verdict. Because why not.


Passive Income Score: 5/7 
Verdict: I actually like Streetbeat. We are not beating the street quite yet but it has a good passive income potential.

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