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October 12, 2021

What is an AMA?

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. Although to prevent spam and other non-essential topics, I limited the topics to career, crypto, and life. Ironically, I fell asleep right after I posted this so I didn't have time to answer all the questions before the 24-hr period of an Instagram Story was done.

I'm documenting questions I have answered and some that I haven't for two things: so I can answer the questions from friends and so I get to have a blog post after many months of no blog content.

Starting with this heavy-hitter question:

1. Do you think it's ok/necessary to keep the Philippines so locked down despite such economic hardship during the pandemic?

I don't see another option. Our hospitals are overloaded as it is. Letting everyone roam free as if it's normal is a recipe for more deaths, specifically in the social classes who can't afford to be sick.

This is anecdotal but let me tell you that as early as April last year, a friend of mine died within 24hrs because he didn't get a bed in the ICU. He was a non-Covid case and had the means to pay for hospitalisation. 

Covid cases aside, it is more of a hospital availability issue. Even non-Covid cases are out of hospital resources. As terrible as it is to be locked in, I don't see the Philippines going back to normal until we get herd immunity back home.

2. Can you give me tips on how to be brave and move to a foreign ass place?

Gosh I think I wrote several posts on my own experiences of relocating and the Why's. I will try to link them up here as I find them.

The short answer here is to really want it and trick yourself into thinking you don't have other options. Once you believe that the only place to go is outside of your comfort zone, everything follows. 

The sense of urgency will fill you with so much vigour because the stakes are higher. That usually does it for me. In my case, the very first time I relocated I quit my corporate job without having anything lined up.

100% would recommend to everyone reading this to try it at least once. It's such a powerful situation that you can put yourself in. Imagine feeling like you can do anything and that everything is possible--that's how I felt in the times I made the move without a backup plan.

3. How do you have so much time or better yet mental energy to do all this?

I sleep 5 hours per day and am very hyper-focused when I want to accomplish something. That said, I have lots of anxiety that I often release through creative outlets. 

4. Will you return to blogging?

This question is why I'm documenting this particular AMA on here. I routinely do AMAs on my Instagram and I do enjoy writing those lengthy posts that are definitely not for a short-form media consumption.

Adding a note to say I like how my name can be used as a pun for almost everything using this syntax: jennever + verb

...Jennever Blogs 

...Jennever Blogs 

...Jen Never Blogs

...which should really tell you when I'll blog again.

5. How do you come to terms with the environmental impacts of crypto investment?

This one was another heavy hitter. 

To my friend who asked this question, I had to do a lot of additional research on this subject so I can include citations in my response.

I cannot find an apples to apples comparison on this topic so we will be using extrapolated data to show environmental impact. In this case, I'm also using carbon emission as the main culprit so we have a commonality.

The case I'm making here is how crypto investing, specifically BTC, is not any worse than global carbon emissions produced by agriculture, particularly livestock production. I know I know that sounded bad. But hear me out:

For those with a smaller budget, it would take a single Antminer S19 Pro (an older generation, but widely available unit) a total of 1,356 days to generate 1 BTC in rewards when working with a mining pool. [Source:, December 2020]

It takes 1,356 days to generate 1 BTC in rewards when mining BTC. The 1 BTC that gets mined and distributed to the miners in the pool--basically validators of transaction hash. For a total 1 BTC mined, there are transactions that are happening all over the world that can be verified on the blockchain over that space in time.

When compared to the equivalent price in gold, the amount of carbon emission for the production of 1 Bitcoin obviously dwarves the emission of gold at 191 tonnes of CO2 vs 13 tonnes of CO2, respectively. [Source: Visual Capitalist]

Unlike gold that functions more as a value store and of course used in electronics/jewelry/etc, Bitcoin has the added benefit of being used for a decentralised system called blockchain. Disclaimer to say I'm not a blockchain expert and I still don't fully understand all the intricacies of it. But on a surface-level, you can't really say gold can show the details of a transaction that was sent from a small town in the Philippines to someone in a big city like New York. (This example is just so inspired lol

Nope gold cannot do that. Bitcoin can.

Anyway, now that we have that insight, let's go to livestock numbers.
By the numbers: GHG emissions by livestock Total emissions from global livestock: 7.1 Gigatonnes of Co2-equiv per year, representing 14.5 percent of all anthropogenic GHG emissions. This figure is in line FAO’s previous assessment, Livestock’s Long Shadow, published in 2006... [Source: Food and Agriculture Organization]
In case you don't have the conversion off the top of your head:

1 Gigatonnes = 1,000,000,000 tonnes

That is 7.1 Billion Tonnes of CO2 being emitted from livestock production every year. This number was an official published number from the FAO for 2006. Fifteen years later, this would be an even higher number than before so this is already not an apples to apples comparison, but let us take Bitcoin's latest BTC annual mining count.

From this source, it says that an average of 900 Bitcoins are being mined every day.

Multiplying this by 365, it gives us around 318,600 new Bitcoins every year.

Then taking the average emissions of 191 tonnes per BTC * 318,600 BTC is amounting to 60,852,600 tonnes of CO2 emission from BTC per year.

I know it's terrible that this example still both shows how we, and our future generations, are basically just doomed but here are the facts laid out in numerical form. 

The 7.1B tonnes of CO2 being emitted by livestock is why I have actively decided to only buy organic and ethically sourced livestock, despite costing more. It is not enough and I doubt even if more people go vegetarian, it will also not make a huge enough dent to the catastrophe that we have brought upon us.

What I do know is that Bitcoin and crypto, in general are doing more and more with regards to making these projects greener. Geothermal, solar, wind energy are being harnessed as a means of powering the crypto farms. 

More and more crypto companies like Flexa are now carbon-negative, with the help of green startups like Canopi. I don't think this can be said for many big conglomerates that are bigger suspects in worsening the climate crisis.

As of today, nearly 90% of the 21 million hard limit of Bitcoin has already been mined. As a "scarce" crypto--and I put double quotes on that for added emphasis because that point really matters in the crypto world and crypto mining community--this means that every year, there are less and less Bitcoins that can be mined and thus less and less carbon footprint that the project will emit.

I realise this is a very long-winded way to answer the question. There are many, many reasons to be excited about crypto and blockchain, in general. The biggest thing I like about it is being a part of the revolution that disrupts Centralised Finance and the powers that allow Oil and Livestock industries to be left unchecked. This is how I come to terms with the environmental impacts of crypto investing.

6. How to get started on crypto/investing

I received various versions of this questions and I promised links to reading materials. With that said, I'm going to put it in a separate post for indexing reasons. 

This is not a cop-out. 

I think this topic deserves its own space, especially with the amount of time I have invested in doing my due diligence--or what the investing community calls as 'DD'.


If you reached this paragraph, thank you for reading my brain vomit!

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