The worst thing about prison... was the Dementors

June 30, 2020

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Early this month, I got this dishwasher magnet to help bring some order in the apartment dishwasher. It was frustrating me that sometimes, a newly washed load of dishes will be mixed with a roommate's dirty dishes. I like to think it's an innocent mistake, an easy one to make. In the times that I, myself, questioned the state of the dishes in the dishwasher, I took the conservative approach and just ran a new wash cycle. "Better safe than sorry," I thought.

So I was trying to get my two roommates to adopt the system of flipping the magnet, but alas, my attempts were futile as I was 80% the one handling the loading of dirty and unloading of clean dishes.

I ran the dishwasher last night and flipped the magnet to show the 'Clean' side.

This morning, I saw Prison Mike and it gave me so much glee, which is to say the magnet was flipped to its 'Dirty' side and it wasn't done by me.

I ran to get my iPhone so I can take a photo. Finally--and as corny as this sounds--we have seen process adoption and this makes me happy!

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