I got myself lashes!

November 04, 2018

You know those things you were curious about, but always found not really necessary?

Longer and more pronounced lashes is one of those things for me. I was content with what I naturally had. My makeup routine was pretty basic too. If I had a choice, I'd just go to work and to meetings barefaced. Alas, I default (and try) to have a more awake and fresh look. This meant I have to add eyeliner and/or an eyelash curler/mascara in my day-to-day prep. It seems simple, but I'm not exactly excited about doing this so it all just felt like an added chore in my mornings.

Origin Story (what?)

In my 3 years in Singapore, I have noticed eyelash extensions are pretty common among the girls. In my pole studio especially, I'd give a conservative estimate of 50% of the students have this. I always thought the girls who have them were already beautiful prior to the procedure and the last extensions just add that extra oomph.

The final straw for me was when mascara slipped from my hand as I was putting it back into my makeup kit, and it. fell. in. the. toilet. bowl. Yes, it really fell down there, and I had to woman up and fish it out with my hands. After that I said, "Fuck, no. I'm not buying another mascara until I try getting lash extensions."

Finding The Right Lash Salon

Yes, I finally decided to jump into a land of unknown. But from which salon do I get it?

A quick Google search of lash extension singapore returns with 5.4 million results. (ICYDK fun fact: Singapore's population is roughly 5.6 million) Obviously not every Google result corresponds to a lash salon, but it's an extremely big amount of content out there that's readily available for any lash extension newbie like me.

For guidance on where to get my lashes done for the first time, I consulted three girls from my pole studio (Studio Sands) and I ended up taking the referral of Sandra Chua, who also happened to be my pole teacher. She pointed me towards the lash studio just a few steps below our studio. Not only is it convenient for me who's always in the Kampong Bahru/Outram MRT area, this salon is also supposedly one of the best ones according to my laoshi who has tried it all.

Now, this is the point where I will say this is not a paid blog post.

If you're thinking to get your lashes done, do consider getting it at The Lash Co this month, November 2018. It's their 2nd Year Anniversary and everyone gets a 10% off their total bill on top of any valid promotion (e.g., first-time clients) and refills.

My main points of consideration in finally choosing them was the conveniencelocationquality of servicetestimonials. Price-wise, they are not cheap but there are lots of salons who charge a LOT more.

The Actual Service

I availed the Full Classic Trial (S$90).

For my first appointment, I had just finished pole class and arrived 15 minutes early to fill out the paperwork. I then had to wait a little bit since my lash technician was still finishing up on another client. Then it was my turn.

Again, this was the first time I was doing this. I had totally no idea what was going to happen.

My technician was nice and was talking through the procedure the entire time. I liked that they clean the lashes thoroughly, even when clients are advised to come in with fresh face. Another nice touch I liked was that the technician I got dabbed my lips with lib balm at that very moment when I thought my lips were drying up but I couldn't exactly reach out for my bag to get my own lip balm. 

Tip: I learned that for the entire procedure, both eyes will be closed using what seemed like a facial tape that were strategically cut into strips that held my eye/face muscles down. If you want to use your phone, you can't. Text everyone you need to beforehand to say you can't be reached.

My appointment was only supposed to be 1.5 hours but apparently I had too many lashes so the procedure lasted for 2 whole hours.


Will I go back? Yes. I actually already went back for a Refill (coming back for a refill within 2-3 weeks from a procedure means about $28 is slashed off the price)

The Lash Co's brand motto is "Wake up beautiful" and I feel like it held true. Overall it has been really great for me. I no longer need to fuss with my eyes in the mornings. I skip eyeliner, eyelash curler and mascara, and if you're lazy with makeup like me, this is really a huge plus. Lastly, I just wanted to see if lash extensions are for me. Though I haven't fully decided if it's worth the extra monthly cost, I'd be happy to try it out some more.

The Lash Co
+65 9753 2275 (Text or WhatsApp only)

9A Kampong Bahru Road, #02-01 Singapore 169343 (Near Neil Road and next to Spottiswoode Park Road)
Nearest MRT: Outram Exit F

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