Going Short & Other Significant Changes in the Universe

February 14, 2017

Cuts Against Cancer

Here's a sample dialogue when my friends and acquaintances are seeing me again in person for the first time:

Friend: Heeey! What happened? Why did you get a haircut? I really loved your long hair!
Me: Oh, nothing happened. I donated my hair to Cuts Against Cancer. That non-profit org that helps women and kids with cancer~ (Usually I get cut off around this part)
Friend: Oh, wow! That's great! And short hair looks good on you!    

For those who didn't get the context, I think some of my friends thought I was going through a mid-life crisis or a breakup. Being the good friends that they are, they were all so ready to console me, and as soon as I said the haircut was so I could donate the hair, they instantly shifted gears.

It's either that, or maybe they loved the long hair better like my very vocal mother and to whom I always respond with, "It's just hair. It will grow back, Ma."

If you are a hair color virgin, you can donate too! Check out Cuts Against Cancer's website for PH and US hair and/or cash donations or Google search for local organizations that help facilitate hair donations. I know there have been hair donation drives here in Singapore, so for sure there will be one again in the future. 

Cancer is a bitch. But if we can help fight this bitch, even in the tiniest way possible, maybe we should. And at an 8-in minimum required length of hair, we can.

PS By bitch, I am picturing cancer being personified by Bellatrix Lestrange of course!  


JuRo Salon Exclusif

After 8 years of having long hair, I decided to go short. Not really a new thing. In fact, short hair seems quite trendy these days and a lot of celebrities are doing it--from Anne Curtis to Chrissy Teigen.

Prior to my trip to Manila last month, I asked my friend Kira to refer me to her family salon, JuRo Salon Exclusif, since I see her and her sister always having fabulous, short hair after every trip to JuRo. I reached out to sir Jude and miss Rose about my intentions to donate my hair and booked the appointment a month in advance.

Eight hours before going short. I took these photos to showcase the makeup that was on my face on its 18th hour, before washing it off. Makeup: Bev Almazan of Basic Aesthetics

Jan 14, Saturday -- An hour before my appointment, I advised the salon that I woke up late, and they responded by saying it's okay since they were still filled with customers. After a quick shower, I Uber'd right away to Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

I went inside the salon not knowing what to expect. I didn't Google search "JuRo Exclusif Salon reviews" beforehand. I didn't even know how Jude and Rose looked like nor how much they charged for a haircut. (More on this later!) I went all-in with complete, utter blind faith towards Kira's taste.

It was a fully-packed salon with customers. Regardless, I never felt that I was being made to wait. Sir Jude was talking to me the entire time about my life, career, and why I wanted to donate what he calls my naturally wavy, mermaid hair. Then, he read and reread the donation process off the non-profit org's website.

A salon seat opened up so we took it. Sir Jude asked his assistant to tie my hair and he cut it just right after the tied hair. He says he cut it just enough that the shortest layer in the cut hair was 8 inches. He said he wanted to save as much of my hair as he can.

This next part is what amused me--I was asked to stand up so he can dry-cut my hair depending on how my hair falls onto my shoulders. What a fun time to not read reviews before an experience such as this. I remember it being such a treat. Right there and then, I just knew the haircut would turn out well.

Ta-da! It did turn out well! 

Although my previously long hair has gotten so many compliments, I have never come out of a salon saying "Hmmm, I really like how they did my hair. It's definitely worth the money I paid." My hair turns out to be as carefree and beautifully messy as it was because of how I carried myself, and because I have stopped brushing/combing my hair for around 5 years now. 

But when I got out of the salon last month, I felt it. For the first time, I finally said, "Hmmm, I really like how they did my hair. It's definitely worth the money I paid.


Cutting to the chase, I paid PHP 6,000 for it. 

I paid in cash because my credit card didn't work, and I naturally panicked. (Turns out I forgot to enable international transactions) I told only my best friends about this "purchase" and they were shocked, maybe more than I was. They know how cheap I am and how I won't even spend money on taxi from Mandaluyong to QC. So yes, we all joked about this expensive haircut the day after I got it.

Do I truly, honestly think it's worth the money? Yes

I tried to justify it by saying this was my first haircut in two years. Kumbaga kung installment, it's like getting a haircut every month for 250 pesos. Acceptable excuse, but in the end I acknowledged that I got what I paid for.   


Jennever Pelaez, PHILIPPINES!

While it's still relevant, here are some of my favorite answers to the question that Miss Philippines got during the Final 6 of the recent Miss Universe 2016 pageant finals.

Good answer by Ron Cruz. Click here for the original post.

Adding a bit of humor, this is what another person said in a iMessage that became viral. I also jokingly tweeted the same.

Click here for the original post.  

I had more in my shortlist, but it seems the people who posted answers took down their posts. They mostly talked about technology, social awareness, advancement of women's rights, human rights advocacies, climate change and so much more.

Here's Rappler's compilation of ~netizen~ responses instead and an attempt by Vice Ganda to answer the question in a humorous way.

I'm glad the question sprouted a lot of healthy discussions on some of the most significant changes in the world in the last 10 years. Personally, the answer I would have given is the change I saw in myself--on how I managed to outgrow insecurities, learned from mistakes, and stood up for what I believe in.

Of course I won't be able to say that eloquently if I didn't have some time to ponder for an answer. AND that's why I'll never be a pageant titleholder. That, and because I'm short. And that's okay.

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