First of 2017

January 02, 2017

For Christmas, I got myself a new compact camera. I didn't plan on buying a new one, but my 8-yr old DSLR already died on me. Piece by piece, it was getting crushed. (Yes, really. The external plastic pieces kept on falling apart.) Plus, there's also that part of me that wanted to bring a small digital camera when I'm traveling, as a backup to my film camera.

No lengthy write-up, just some photos I took from today's photowalk. Every photo is straight out of camera, meaning no post-processing was done, and for some photos, I utilized the in-camera effects.

Now, I want to buy an external viewfinder since I prefer doing the composition that way. That and I'm not used to the lightness of this camera, which consequently takes somewhat shaky photos during lowlight situations. Aside from that, I like it so far.

For those curious, it's a Ricoh GR. I stuck with my 8-yr Pentax/Ricoh glass family. and since I name my things with cheesy, obvious names, I christened it as "Ricky The Great." *fading laughter*

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