On Why You Should Answer Surveys

October 24, 2016

Whenever I'd post something in social media and it gets too long, I decide to quickly type away here instead. At least then I'll have a new blog post, while sharing with you my feelings. So, win-win? Haha.

The trigger for this post is an Expedia survey I just answered. Yes, I'd get monthly blog post gaps, but something as random as a survey can instantly turn me into a typing machine. I just really think that in the age of social media, it has been very easy for people to complain about everything, and if we can do that one small thing for another person who helped us by providing great feedback, why not. It will only take a minute or two.

So here's my problem: I received an auto-generated email from Expedia saying my flights booked via Skyscanner to and from Manila have been cancelled by Philippine Airlines. It gave me no explanation whatsoever, just a number I can call to reschedule my flights. I kinda panicked for a bit, because there's a Palawan-bound flight tied to my SIN-MNL-SIN trip, and everything would be moved if both flights were moved. So I dialed the hotline number in the email and got redirected to a customer service representative.

Not once during the call did I wonder what was happening. She immediately briefed me on how it was a technical issue that happens when the flight doesn't get acknowledged on the airline side right away. Then, all within the call, she managed to reconfirm my same booking dates and times, and send me the flight itinerary, all while being charming.

Days after, which is today, I just received the survey for that call. Not only did I gave her perfect scores, I also left a commendation on the feedback box. (Being in the IT service industry, I know these things matter for the bosses of the one you're talking to. It is added to the person's metrics and having enough commendations could mean a pay raise or a promotion.)    

I have not always been like this. I hated answering surveys, much less type out an essay on what sucked or what went well with a service. But when I was in college doing data gathering for my thesis, which is a mobile phone organizer developed using Java, I was at the mercy of people who would gladly take a minute or two off what they were doing to answer our questionnaire. I vividly remember one student respondent from UP Diliman saying to her friend, to me and to my thesis-mate, "It's good to answer surveys. It means we're contributing to a bigger body of knowledge, and it won't even take you that much time."

It stuck with me ever since.

Anyway, I'm ending this post with some bullet points on answering surveys just to reinforce why you should do it too.

  • It contributes to a bigger body of knowledge
  • In a way, it is a gesture of giving back 
  • It helps the surveyor quantify your emotions
  • It helps both them, and, then in effect, you
  • It's a win-win-win (The Office reference!!)

So yes, answer surveys, especially when you receive great service. Let's make this world a more grateful world.

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