Life Lessons As Told By The I.T.

September 13, 2015

Welcome to this video clip compilation where you will be seeing...just me for the entire last half!

I shot the clips using a tripod for my (failed) jumpshot stills, which I will screencap later on for Instagram purposes. It will also give you an insight on my beach kaartehan when I am alone and how I spent the first 30 minutes as mentioned in my Onok Island Itinerary entry.


Because I have learned from my mistake a few months back, I went on and finished this travel video without all the pretty wide shots of Onok Island from G's gopro. I can always go back to the old draft and re-edit when everything I need is in my hands.

That mistake being, waiting for the video clips to be sent by other people so I can finish compiling the entire thing. Two of the best travel videos I have put together so far will not see the the light of day because my work laptop crashed just before I left Manila, and the IT department was unable to recover the files. Like any grown adult would do, I ugly-cried upon hearing I have lost ALL of my files forever. *echoes foreverrr*

IT Personnel: Sorry, your HDD is already corrupted. 
Me: But it's an HDD. It's 2015! Everything can be retrieved now! Technology!!!
IT PersonnelWe already tried everything. 
Me: Are you SURE you cannot do anything???
IT PersonnelIt happens. 
Me: *keeping myself from crying*
IT Personnel: Accept it. 
Me: Excuse me. *walks out of the room*

(I may have dramatized this exchange for retelling purposes but something like that really happened.)

Kuala Lumpur and El Nido trips last year-- you have been wonderful and you will always be in my and my friends' memories. But not on my Vimeo page. No, you will be not. (Kriz says he was able to get the recovered files from the IT department, but when I asked him to search for the KL and El Nido drafts I have already rendered, they were not there.)

P.S. Should I go ahead and just buy my own GoPro???

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