MRT3, Finally

April 28, 2014

Photo by Jonas Roque
Change can be daunting to most people. It's a trait that can be limiting and even I'm guilty of this. But with out MRT's current inefficiency, could it be any worse if new systems are put in place. And yes, this is a rhetoric.

The photo above is one of the ideas that I and some commuter colleagues were discussing 5 years ago. It was during the time when I was still residing in Quezon City and commuting all the way to Taguig City for work. It was not a pleasant daily ride, even wasted 4 hours of my life every day, but when I think about it, the pains of commuting via the MRT3 then cannot compare to its current state now, relatively.

I now don't commute regularly via the MRT3. I chose to reclaim the 4 hours of commute I've been losing everyday and opted for a higher cost housing arrangement near my workplace. But I would say that this new policy is still a sign of progress. It's a sign that the issues of overcrowding has been acknowledged. It's a sign that maybe, just maybe, we're moving towards a more efficient train system.

I'm FOR it. How about you?

Also: See my 3-yr old insensitive to the minimum wage workers post on how MRT should really raise the fare. See, it was younger me being self-entitled (I did have a point, sure) but this was posted out of rage because I was consistently being clawed by girls in the ladies section whenever I was going "home" to Caloocan.

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