An Open Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Heart

February 17, 2014

Some time ago, for four days, I have been relentlessly checking my phone--iMessage, Facebook, Twitter and Line, even. You know how much I'm non-committed to Line and other messages apps, and yet I opened it every now and then to check your message box.

No messages arrived.  

Each day that passed during those four days, it hurt me. I wish you knew that. Then I saw you whining online about how you're unlucky when it comes to your love life and that did it for me. I was mad, even as I was sending you that drunk message. Misunderstanding aside, I would have been okay if you only apologized. But you didn't. I was happy for the longest time since I can remember, only to be broken by someone I liked.

Days went by and you never really connected with me again. By the time I have already cooled down, that's when I realized I actually missed talking to you, and that maybe I overreacted. I instigated a conversation by sending you cute things because they almost never fail, but then you just stopped replying altogether, and this makes me sad when I think about it. Sad not because of what led us to this, but because it sure feels like I lost a friend.

I want to let you know that it was you I wanted to talk to when I was having a really bad day. It was you I wanted to bring with me on the prize I won, when my best friend bailed. It was you who made me change the way I feel about my outlook in life.

I want to tell you that those four days I waited for you hurt, yes it did. But what hurt me more was when you stopped being my friend.

P.S. This post is really about me being immature for not getting mentioned in a Survivor-related tweet. Do not take it seriously. :))

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