On TOP of Everything Comes Fitness

September 19, 2012

I just tried too hard to insert the word TOP in that title. Of course it has to mean something, right?

For a month, our company dance org joined a contest where the team with the highest average of steps made per day, wins. So heels or no heels we needed to walk and walk more. I usually remove my pedometer right before sleeping. Sayang kasi ang steps 'pag pupunta sa banyo/kusina. My dedication to the team meant I couldn't wear my 5-in heels for as long as the contest is afoot. 

Trivia: According to the kit we received, the healthy minimum number of steps a person should be taking everyday is 10 000, which also happens to be our quota.

Every Saturday since September 1, Groove, same dance org above has, been training in Orange Dance Studio. It's quite famous among high school and college students in the dance world because Orange often coaches/choreographs for winning teams. Meaning, the weekly rehearsals that we were used to in the past were no more. No more slacking since we are paying for the training. Also, the conditioning/warmup/stretching would always leave everyone's bodies' aching until the weekdays commence. The first weekend, my body ached until Thursday. Now, I'm glad to say that it only reached until Monday. In fact, I didn't feel pain not until Monday came and went, which leads us to...

Pole Dancing
I have only signed up at Polecats this week. The Beginner Class is held every Tuesday in 360 Fitness Club Makati. It was a good thing that I was already stretched from three days ago so the warm up was not as tiring. But boy, I started to feel so weak and helpless when I couldn't lift myself up. Seriously! I'm only, what, 97 pounds and yet I was having trouble pulling myself up. I was advised to work on my upper body strength, and do abdomen workout. Also, how the hell do you get to grip a pole perpendicularly with your inner upper thighs! It hurt like hell! Wala akong ka-muscle muscle sa area na yun (near singit). It was all flabby skin. My skin was soooo tender when we finished. 

So there, if you ask me why I'm not fat, this is currently why. Samahan pa ng occasional runs. 

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