Clawdaddy's Boiling Bag

August 11, 2012

After days of rereading blogger reviews about Clawdaddy's Boiling Bags, I finally cave in. I just had to try it for myself as soon as money landed on my bank account. I guess I was justifying that I don't really eat out anymore so this one was okay.

Before and After: 1 hour interval

Although, I must admit that it was a bittersweet experience. We were eating a meal good for four people when there were people in Marikina and other flooded areas who weren't eating anything. But because we only had an hour to finish the meal until our Bourne Legacy screening, the guilt became more about trying to finish the whole thing so it would be worth the money we pay.

Now, on to the meal. We chose the Louisiana Boiling Bag (Seafood Boil Spice flavor)-- a mix of fresh crabs, shrimps, a lone sausage, corn and potatoes. The meal came with a pitcher of either lemonade, iced tea and another kind of tea which I forgot haha. We didn't order any soup, appetizers nor dessert. Just a cup of plain rice each was all we wanted with the bag.

It was as good as they say. From the moment the server cut the bag, the air really whiffed of seafood goodness. The flavor wasn't too spicy, it was just right and not overwhelming. I was surprised that we both didn't order extra rice, usually seafood makes me eat at least two cups of rice. I guess it was because we were both trying to savor the moment and try not to get full too soon.

The service was above average. Servers were attentive even with a packed restaurant on a Friday night. Also, as always, their shell cracker is as reliable as ever. In fact, I like using their stone cracker than the usual clamp-like crackers that other restaurant uses.

Total Wallet Damage: P1694
Louisiana Boiling Bag - P1495
Rice - P30 x 2 = P60
Service Charge - About 9%

Will I order it again? YES YES YES!

ClawdaddyBonifacio High Street

Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, 9th Ave.Fort Bonifacio, Taguig(02) 856-4785

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