It Made My Life Easier: Delicates Mesh Hanger

November 09, 2011

I hate doing chores. Probably as much as I hate waiting.

And now to start a different topic... Normally, after I wash my makeup brushes, I will let it dry flat on a piece of cloth so the cloth could absorb the water. The only problem here is that the side of the brushes that's underneath gets dampen by the cloth thus taking more time for that side to dry. So I'll either turn them side to side and adjust the brushes so the drier side won't lie on the still damp spot. I do this until they dry completely.

But then here's Saizen, offering pretty much everything you'll need in life. (Or not haha) They made my troubles above simpler. Originally for delicate pieces of clothing, i.e., those that would deform if placed on a hanger, I bought this hanger for the sheer purpose of drying my makeup brushes. I already tried it, and it worked as I expected--brushes dried in less waiting time. Also, I did not have to turn them once in a while.

I only washed 3 of the bigger brushes that I use the most since the eye makeup brushes dries quick even with my old process. I did not include my 2 kabuki brushes though. I wanted to make sure that this will work before I leave my dense kabuki brushes while I go to the office. Ah yes, I left for work after I washed them! Great no? No supervision needed.

Price: PHP85

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