Of Burglars: This is how FRIENDS, Twitter and Facebook saved my life

July 09, 2011

And I say this to everyone who ask why I watch TV series even if it meant that I'll sleep past my bedtime. And yes, I meant FRIENDS as in the TV series FRIENDS.

To those who were not online around 3am today, someone tried to break into my apartment and I was able to live tweet and post on FB all that happened. Okay, even I thought that it was absurd trying to go on Social Networking Sites while it was happening, but what do I do when everyone living near me cannot be reached thru phone?

See my live tweets here.

Because I was asleep right after my shift, I watched FRIENDS straight right after when I woke up. I decided to watch until my eyes droop. It was around 3am when I decided not to play the next episode. I wanted to sleep.

And then my senses went wild. I thought I heard something scratching outside. It's either I was being paranoid or I was just too careful. Without turning the lights on, I double checked my locks, peeked outside my window.

Everything outside was calm.

I still decided to get the knife above the fridge anyway. I hid it in front of my bed.

Then it happened again. This time, it was accompanied by some sort of a light knock, the kind of thing that the FBI does when they try to sense where the lock is (White Collar, Burn Notice, and other crime shows) on the door.

Then I looked to the crack underneath my door, there was a shadow. Again, I asked myself if I was just being paranoid and that is just the wind playing with the tarp banners outside or is there really someone outside.

I noticed a noise again. This time I was pretty certain it was near the door. And because it's dark inside my house, I could pretty much see anything near my window, except they would be in silhouette form.

I saw my curtain move and lo and behold, there was a hand trying to open my door's lock from the inside. He was somehow able to cut through my screen and break the jalousie pane right across my door lock.

I stealthily rushed to my door, iphone and knife in my trembling hands. I tried calling everyone, neighbors and loved ones. Everyone was either asleep or cannot be reached.

I had to think fast. First, I turned on the light and faked speaking to someone on the phone. Then I tweeted and posted on FB. Hey, I wanted to spare my family and friends the time to speculate how I was robbed, raped and then murdered. Yes, I was on a worst case scenario basis.

Then the other half of my brain told me that if there were people awake, they'd be on Twitter and on Facebook. And oh boy, replies came in fast.

Can I just say how I love all these people? Some had urgent jobs and they stopped just so they can get me the police. I loved how they updated each other even though they really didn't know each other.

I did try calling the "hotlines" until I found out that they weren't so hot. I always got a "not yet in service" message, even on 117. Hello Philippines, so much for an inefficient hotline you have there!

And so, after 1 hour of chat, texts and calls from worried friends, the Makati police finally arrived. Yes, I was disappointed that it took them an hour to get to me. Nevertheless not complaining. I loved how safe I felt when they arrived.

They told me about the many calls they received from different people about the same incident, my incident. They scouted the area, even ran to the nearest alley to look for a suspect. They did not find any. (It was 1 hr after they came! Of course you wouldn't find the burglar standing right there waiting to be caught!) They just waited with me until my boyfriend arrived from Caloocan.

As to my love for FRIENDS, if I were not hooked on this show, I would have never stayed late. I would have not been awake to sense everything happening. Everyone who knows me personally know that I'm hard to wake. I've been known to sleep through all 7 alarm clocks.

As for my real-life friends, you know who you are. Thank you. It really is nice having this many people who care about you.

On the downside, I still had to go to my 9am work. What is sleep?

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