iPhone 4: The Long Wait is Finally Over

February 02, 2011

Bonding moment: My iPhone 4 box meets my almost-3-yr-old iPhone Classic box
At last, I now have my new baby! As expected, my rant here was easily overpowered by this new shiny thing that I have. Others may say that it is an expensive move for me but really, for almost three years, I only used one phone (that is still functional now, if I may add) while my friends averaged one new phone per year. So yeah, I really consider this move a good investment. I need a secondary phone for a Smart sim card anyway as both my parents are Smart subscribers.

It's still on the barely-wanted-other-people-to-touch stage so even I am really careful with handling it. I do not even bring it to work because I have not yet bought a screen protector and a case. Feature-wise, I'm loving the upgrade. Truly, this iPhone IS the upgrade from the iPhone Classic (1st gen).

I plan on blogging separately on the new features but I could not not say this: I loooove FaceTime! It's almost like video-chatting in real time.

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