Bataan Team Building Day 1

December 26, 2010

Or was it our Christmas Party. I don't know. If you asked my teammates, they would all have different responses as to what we were celebrating really. So let us just use the word outing.

The call time was 6am-7am at 7Eleven in Woodridge, McKinley Hill. Why one earth would they give a 1-hour call time? It's for people like me who make it a sport to go to events late. (It's not a trait I'm proud of but but but. Okay, I'll make no excuses.) True enough , I arrived at 7am, ON THE DOT.

NLEX Stopover. I had to buy something sweet because my stomach begged for it. I get motion-sick every time I travel by land. Sometimes, even on short distances, I throw up. Eating Stork, or anything minty, and rubbing that travel oinment, which name I forgot, will only make things worse. So DQ it is!

Fast track to Morong, Bataan. The resort we booked was deceptive, I tell you! As we drove into the parking lot, our hearts sank because of the high hopes that we had for the place. And to avoid more of this mistake, I shall name drop. The Waterfront Beach Resort, it is.

Even their welcome sign was not appealing AT ALL.

But being the fun-loving people that we are, we  just decided to make the most of the experience. (Warning: A heavy series of photos will follow)

The sliding doors were asking for them to be used for some silhouette action.
Another one of those shots that demanded us not to show our faces.
What is more fun than simulating "fun on the beach"?
Pa-smexy photo. Sexy while smiling.

And what is a sunset without my infamous jumpshots and scorpion pose?

Other teammates decided to do their own silhouette poses as well. Posted below are some of their action shots.

And we also made our TL and his fiancee do obligatory cheesy poses.

For the final photo, I present the team silhouette shot. Hay. Ganyan ba talaga 'pag di superb ang beach view? Idaan na lang sa silhouette? Just kidding.

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