happy new year

Of Cash Cab and Winning

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Life in Singapore

Sorry, But Not Really

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Breaking: Circle Hostel Baler has a kitchen

4:20:00 AM
Life in Singapore

Morena and Proud

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Buhay OFW

Just Another OFW Rant

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expat expenses

One Month of Singapore

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dating app

All Things Tinder and Juicy

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Buhay OFW

Overseas Voters Registration

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baler aurora

Delikado sa Diguisit

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Life in Singapore

A Photoset: Big Little India

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When in Puerto, Go Vietnamese

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong

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Of Motorbikes and Cheap Thrills

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hello, world: Chapter 3 of 3

1:03:00 AM
Onok Island

Life Lessons As Told By The I.T.

6:43:00 PM

Onok Island Itinerary

3:50:00 AM

Road To Onok: The Nitty Gritty

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hello, world: Chapter 2 of 3

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hello, world: Chapter 1 of 3

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#NoRice And Why I Stopped

12:48:00 PM
Life in Singapore

Unapologetic Positivity

6:56:00 PM
Ang Mo Kio

Where I Go To Get Waxed: Singapore Edition

3:23:00 AM
Life in Singapore

I Moved To Singapore

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Buhay OFW

Life in Singapore

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Life in Singapore

Chore of Vanity, Literally

12:08:00 AM

My Week So Far in VSCO's T1

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Happy People

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Every Day, A Despedida Party

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Giveaway: Wanderland Ticket

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On Random Road Trips

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bonifacio global city

A Photoset: Cheats

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Because Fuck Stereotypes

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Z Hostel Philippines

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